Switch gears with ease!

Ulaa's browser modes let you choose the perfect mode for your preferred online experience.

Ulaa offers 5 unique browser modes that allow you to browse the web for personal use, boost your productivity at work, ensure kid-safe browsing, use developer extensions, and browse the internet with absolutely no restrictions (if you ever want to).

Personal Mode

With this default browser mode of Ulaa, users can enjoy complete privacy protection. They can view their browsing history, search records, favorite pages, and cookies data without having to sign in to Ulaa. This mode enables secure logins into user accounts, prevents ads, and maintains online privacy.

Work Mode

Browsing with the Work Mode on boosts your productivity and helps you stay focused on the work at hand by blocking distracting websites. With a stringent adblocker enabled, you are protected from intrusive ads, possible phishing attacks and more.

Kids Mode

This family-friendly browser mode provides a safe online space for children to browse, learn, play fun games, and explore content online. This mode offers a unique Learning On The Go feature that keeps your child engaged and productive while they learn. With an inbuilt content filtering feature, children cannot access inappropriate content while using this mode. Additionally, the Parental Control feature allows parents to mark specific websites as off-limits to their child, guaranteeing their child’s online safety and security. The Child Lock feature is designed to restrict access to other modes with the help of a password prompt every time the child enters or exits the mode ensuring they remain in a safe environment at all times.

Developer Mode

Designed for professional web developers and testers, Ulaa's Developer Mode can inspect currently-loaded HTML elements, CSS styles, and JavaScript. They can also keep track of the assets the page has requested, monitor how long they take to load and more.

Open Season Mode

This mode comes with absolutely no browser restrictions. With disabled adblockers and tracking blockers, the Open Season Mode enables access to all websites including ""zero-restriction"" sites without hindrances of UI or feature breakages (basically, when you want Ulaa to behave like an average browser). The sharp red theme of this mode serves as a reminder of disabled data protection features to the user.

What distinguishes Ulaa from others?

Themed windows

Each browser mode in Ulaa has a unique visual theme. These distinct visual themes make it easier for users to recognize which mode they are in, reducing the chance of confusion.

Mode isolation

Regardless of the mode you are working in, your browsing history, bookmarks, saved tabs, and other data will be compartmentalized and synchronized to prevent data mixing between different modes.

Dynamic mode switching

This allows you to map certain website links to each mode, so that whenever you open a site that is linked to a different mode, you will be prompted to switch modes.

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