Keep third-party

trackers at bay

Ulaa is built to defend your personal data from online data mining. We don't share your browsing activity, search queries, or anything else that would enable third-party advertisers to profile you for targeted advertising or other purposes.

Here are some of the things that we do to protect your privacy from third-party trackers:

Data Protection

No data sent to third parties

We take your privacy seriously, which is why we don't send your browsing data to third- party data hoarders and advertisers. With Ulaa, you can be confident that your search history and other online activity are safe from prying eyes.

No third-party account integration

Unlike other browsers that use third-party authentication providers that could lead to privacy abuse, Ulaa uses Zoho Accounts integration which means you can sync all your browsing activities on Ulaa, and integrate all third-party apps and services with your Zoho account.

Disabling Intrusive Features

No DNS prefetching

DNS prefetching is a feature that caches pages linked to the webpage you are currently on, allowing them to load faster when accessed. However, it also allows for the caching of your data, which can be a privacy risk. This feature is disabled by Ulaa so that your data is not cached and your privacy is protected

No metrics reporting

Ulaa disables User Metrics Analysis (UMA) reporting. This feature ensures that your sensitive information stays within your browser unless you deliberately choose to send it elsewhere. This provides you with greater control over your browsing experience and enhances your online security.

No motion sensors

Motion sensors track your movements with the help of GPS. This can intrude on your privacy, which is why this feature is disabled in Ulaa.

No Notification Triggers

You get a notification even if you aren't connected to a network. If you had set a Calendar notification for a meeting or a schedule, it would trigger you with a notification even if you are offline. This has been disabled in Ulaa.

No push client channel updates

Ulaa disables unsolicited push notifications that can clog your PC/mobile regularly.

No network time tracker

Ulaa removes the time tracker feature that can be used to track the time spent on each API request sent through your network. This tracker infringes your privacy and is not needed for a secure browsing experience.

No lookalike URL navigation suggestions

This feature requires sending data to third parties to suggest a popular website if the browser recognizes that you've typed the wrong URL. This has been disabled to retain your browsing privacy.

No serial API

Ulaa disables the API that allows websites to connect and communicate with devices connected to your computer.

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